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In 1881 Dr Michael Beverley bought a lovely area  of land with a mere known locally as Little Switzerland because of its lovely wooded slopes.
Then began many years of dedicated work to  transform it into a magnificent garden, visited and admired by thousands of people.  It is in
the western end of Brundall with the church on the eastern boundary.  In1919 Frederick Holmes Cooper, a cinema magnate, bought the
gardens which continued to thrive.  He  set about attracting  visitors to his newly acquired estate in Brundall.

Brundall Gardens Map 2

This map of the Gardens is from Frederick Holmes Cooper's time and shows the landing stage from the river
and the suggested tour round the estate with arrows pointing the way.

Entrance to Brundall Gardens

This is the entrance Lodge to Brundall Gardens which was on Postwick Lane

The Log House

Dr Beverley's 'Log Cabin'.   The Coopers moved into the cabin but in 1919 there was
a disastrous fire which took the fire brigade 12 hours to extinguish and the cabin was lost forever.

The Museum

The pottery museum used to display pottery dug up in the gardens

Pottery in the Museu

Some of the Roman pottery in the museum

Riverside pavilion
The riverside Pavilion and Tearooms

Brundall Gardens on
                  the Yare

The Pavilion on the left and the Hotel on the right seen from the river

SS Victorious

SS Victorious owned by Frederick Holmes Cooper which carried trippers up to Brundall Gardens from Yarmouth

                  House Hotel

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