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Following their successful 2015 season, when pottery ranging from the Roman period to modern times was found, Access Cambridge Archaeology's Higher Education Field Academies (HEFA) project are returning to Brundall on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th May.  They will be carrying out 'mini-digs' in gardens throughout the village.  The digging is done by local young people enrolled on the HEFA course with the aim of introducing them to University life through an archaelogical project.

Test poit dig 1

This photograph shows the start of the test pit, which is one metre square.  The spoil is taken out, washed and
recorded and retained for analysis.  The pits are dug to one metre deep, ten centimetres at a time.

Toys found at Brundall Homehardware

These toys were found in the pit in the Garden Centre at Brundall Home Hardware in Links Avenue.

Test pit dig 2

This picture shows a pit half excavated.

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